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For candidates

Are you looking for reasons to cooperate with an agency when searching for a job? You cannot think of any or you have had a bad experience? You will find the reasons for cooperation with our company below.

Why use a personnel agency?

These days, personnel agencies play a very important role in the job search. Their advantage is that they get offers from multiple companies, which increases your chance of finding work.

During the years our company has been active on the labour market, we have gained a lot of experience both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The main reason why we became a sought-after business partner and employer is our ability to listen to both our clients and our employees and resolve their requirements and problems and also our effort to understand their needs. 

What do you gain by cooperating with our agency?

As an employee of our company, you gain the following:

  • regular wage paid when it is due
  • contract of full-time employment
  • accommodation is provided at the location of the place of work
  • accommodation allowance
  • we are in regular contact with you, either through our coordinators

In which industries do we offer work?

Our company specialised especially in the following industries:

  • mechanical engineering industry
  • metalworking industry
  • car industry

What do we expect from you?

We expect our employees to fulfil their work duties to the satisfaction of our clients and to be flexible, they also need to meet the requirements for the given profession (education and experience) and to recognize their personal responsibility for the work done.