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For employers

Our company is the best solution for you if you need to employ a certain number of workers in a flexible way or you need to react immediately to the demands of your customers and do not have enough human resources.

Are you looking for suitable employees?

Our goal is to find suitable workers who really match your requirements, saving you time and effort with their selection. We will employ the selected candidates and “loan” them to you for an agreed period of time. In this way, our company takes on the whole administrative and wage agenda and assumes full employer's responsibility.

This is called employee leasing and its purpose is to ensure a certain number of employees to perform work in your company for an agreed period of time, while allowing you to flexibly increase or decrease their number based on the current development of your contract. Our company enters into a contract of employment with the workers, who will then start working in your company. As our client, you only pay an invoice for the hours worked once a month, with no need to worry about HR and wage agenda.

What are the benefits offered by our company?

Cooperation with our company will bring you the following benefits:

  • lower HR and wage agenda
  • quick way to secure even a large number of employees
  • flexible regulation of labour in case of fluctuating production volume
  • in case of a higher number of employees, you are assigned a coordinator who deals with problems directly
  • in your workplace

What professions do we offer?

Our company focuses solely on blue-collar workers in the machine engineering industry.

  • ferrum welder
  • stainless steel welder
  • aluminium welder
  • locksmith
  • steel construction fitter     
  • CNC lathe operator
  • CNC milling machine operator
  • electrician
  • lacquerer
  • metal grinder    
  • production worker


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